Quick Update...

I just wanted to let you all know that my audition went well, and I could definitely feel all of your (and my own) prayers working before and during it! I have to wait a few days before I get the results, but I just wanted to thank you again for being so encouraging and for keeping me in your prayers. You guys are fantastic!


Marissa said...

Glad you feel good about your audition! Thats always a good feeling, knowing you did your very best. ^_^ Let us know if you made it to first violins as soon as you know. K?

Love you!

Lindsay said...

I'm SO glad your audition went well, Abigail! I've been thinking about you. Yes, please let us know whenever you get the results! :)

- Love,

Linda said...


Bekah said...

I'm so glad your audition went well, Ab. I just wanted to let you know that I am POSITIVE that you are going to get GREAT results back because you are an INSANE violinist.

So I had a benefit concert that I was in last night (it went until nine, and then we had a family gathering until eleven, and then got home at eleven thirty, and had church at nine o'clock...ouchie). There were these amazing violinists that I was playing with, like college grads that have been playing for around 15 years or more. They were SO amazing. Like seriously. Insane.

It was so inspiring to keep playing - gotta love that inspiration, baby. And on that note - I'M LEARNING VIBRATO! Like, I'm practicing it! LIKE I CAN DO IT! (Vibrato is what it's called right? I can NEVER remember musical terms. Like seriously. I'm handicapped like that or something. Haha.)

I'm so excited about the vibrato - my teacher is REALLY slow and she likes to make sure I know like EVERY NOTE of a song before she moves me on, like she learns it into me so well that I dream about playing it in my sleep (no, seriously. I do!). I guess that's nice, but it's slow-going. And I don't even have my tapes for my fingers off my board yet. Auggggh. Those bright yellow tapes drive me insane.

It's like, okay, the tapes are bad enough. But, Shecinah Joy (my teacher), do they SERIOUSLY have to be BRIGHT yellow?! *sighs* One of my pet peeves, those yellow tapes. I've had one of them taken off, but the three remaining drive. me. insane.

She's a really slow teacher - I am JUST learning to memorize third position, and I have been playing for four whole years! Augh. Haha. She's a great teacher though, and has been playing since she was four years old. And she's twenty eight. So that's... *eyes cross*...oh I don't know how long she's played. And that's coming from a girl who will be taking three AP classes next year...haha. How ironic. But that's life, right?

Love ya! (and what an impossibly long comment that had next to no point. Oh well. Meet me. Haha. I can talk for hours about nothing - AH! I'm going to keep writing for another hundred characters if I don't stop right now. So bye. Haha.)


Memzie said...

WHEW! You can have your big sigh of relief now. The hard work is done! Now, your patience will be tested.

I remember SO many times that is was such a relief of just playing the piece that I felt like I had already won even if I didn't.

Hannah said...

I'm so glad, Ab! I was praying for you and really hoping/knowing you'd do AMAZING. Remembeeer....you rock. :-)


Anonymous said...

Glad your audition went well. When did you start playing? You're really good!


Rachel B said...

Hey! I awarded you on my blog!


Kendra Logan said...

I just came to tell you that you've been awarded on Carpe Diem, but Rachel B beat me to it! :) You can be sure that you are showing your Pure Heart to the blogosphere!


Rachel said...

I'm thankful that your audition went well.

Hannah emailed you, btw.

Blessings and looking forward to your next post!


Näna said...

Hey, glad to hear! When will you know the results???

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