Let me just say...I'd forgotten how beautiful the world is in the springtime. Possibly, I just never noticed in the first place. I used to say that I would never have a garden, because I just didn't think that flowers were worth the work. I don't know what changed in me, but I've just realized how utterly gorgeous flowers are! And all of the beauty that comes with spring...and the rest of the year.

I think it's funny how sometimes beauty grows old when it's there everyday. Shouldn't that prove its potency? When the beauty lasts...and lasts...and lasts? What irony.

You know what I love about my "Jesus eyes"? I love that with them, the beauty I see isn't vain. Any beauty viewed without Jesus' eyes is fleeting; but with His eyes, the beauty of even little things just points to my inevitable future...in His arms! In His paradise!

How perfect.


Sereina said...

God's creation is beautiful! Love the photos!


Marissa Kayann said...

I have always loved flowers. Daisies are my favorite. I laughed at that scene in "You've Got Mail" when I first saw it because I agree so much with her. :D
Love the photos. You are amazing at photography.

Love ya!

Unknown said...

Oh! Your pictures turned out pretty! Go look at mine. :)

I agree sweet daughter. You're ahead of me - I didn't discover the beauty of flowers until I was about 25!!! I've been trying to get you to notice for years, but I guess something just had to turn on in you that only God could turn on. I'm glad you aren't missing out anymore. hee hee

You are beautiful.

BARBIE said...

Beautiful pictures. I pray that God will allow me to slow down and truly see the beauty of His creation which is all around me.

Hannah Nicole said...

It's so true, sweet friend! What a beautiful truth-speaker you are. Looking through His eyes, beauty is even more real, and not at all vain. Keep it up, friend-of-mine!

Lots of love,

Bekah said...

So true. We have this tree blossoming in the front yard - and I am literally overwhelmed by the beauty. It's ALL around us. It's in a smile, it's in a verse, it's in the flaming sunrise, it's in the morning dew on the grass.

And yet I don't fully appreciate it...thank you for the reminder.


A Flourishing Perspective said...

All of that said is very true. Beautiful pictures! Did you take them all? Thanks so much for the sweet comment on our blog and for following! I'm definitely hooked on yours and will be sure to check in on it daily. :)



A Flourishing Perspective said...
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Lindsay said...

Wow, what a beautiful post, Abigail!! Your pictures are just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing! :)

A Perfect Gray said...

wow! what beauty resides here. I just clicked on your blog design page only to see you are no longer in that business. yours is the most lovely blog design I have seen in a long, long time.

I enjoyed my stay here and look forward to many more...

carissa said...

what a perfectly worded post. all of nature just screams with God's glory! beautiful, beautiful shots you captured!

Leah Marie said...

Thanks so much for following! I look forward to reading your posts. =]
~Leah Marie

Life Is Crazy Beautiful said...

So, true, wise Abigail :). Your pictures are very pretty. When I went to Africa in HOT August it was late "winter" or what they call the rainy season there - and everything was so green and there were so many beautiful flowers! After we had been there a couple of days our hostess told the missionaries we met "They're flower people." She was a photojournalist & takes lots of pictures of people and some animals. She couldn't believe we took so many pictures of flowers! Ha ha =D
Auntie Lisa

Näna said...

I know! Where we live there are TONS of trees and during the winter they are so brown and dead and it's amazing to see them come alive again in the Spring. Another testimony to our AWESOME God.

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