Time to be Symphonized...

My phone uttered a little ping sound this morning, alerting me that I'd gotten a text. As I opened it, I realized that it was a Facebook notification. I began to read through my wall post, and immediately a huge grin spread across my face!

"Hey there, Abigail....you know your theme song...first, I love it....second, I cannot get it out of my head. Even at three in the morning."

Further posts told me that my friends in Minnesota, Rachel and her daughter Hannah, had been piecing together mine and my momma's new blog themes on the piano. How awesome is that!?!?

Everyone wants their blog to be memorable--to have something that's purely and utterly their own. So, how about music? My brother, Jared, wrote my blog theme song, and he's ready to do yours!

Click here to read all about Symphonize

Introductory prices are low and will change in the near future, so make sure to get your own blog theme song soon!

So, you want people to remember your blog? Are you ready to be Symphonized?


Natalie Catherine said...

love the music playing on your blog! your brother did this??? amazing!

Hannah said...

Aw! I feel so special. I was grinning just reading this! :-)

Symphonize looks awesome (love how you did the header. The i is so cute. <3). Hoping to get one for my birthday. Now THAT would make an awesome birthday present!

Lots of love from MN,

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

how sweet of hannah! i am super impressed with your bro... could your family be any more talented?!? ummm, no!

Marissa said...

haha thats funny! I love hannah and her mom. They're awesome. Which is also slightly strange but last night when I was awake for like an hour because the thunder was so loud and constant, I was playing your blog theme through my head. But I didn't realize it until a while and I'm like "oh hey. this is Ab's blog theme!" lol it is an awesome song! :D Love the website look and name. its awesome!

Love ya!

Lindsay said...

I agree!! You're all SO talented. The music is amazing... and so is the website. Great job!! =)

Linda said...

I love the blog you made for Jared....and I love his new "Theme" business.

You come from such a talented family! (:>)

Love, Grams

Emma said...

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Anna Gray said...

Abigail, I awarded you over at my blog! =)

Holly said...

I love that he is doing this and I'm really thinking about it!

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