Apple has changed my life. My whole life, technology and I have had a steady love/hate relationship. My Dells have lived and died. Each and every one of them. My first portable music gadget was a small portable boom-box. It broke after one usage. My second was a little green "radio" with a headphone jack. I don't think that even lasted long enough to use it once. I have had many wonderful experiences with technology, but all of them eventually left me in a hopeless daze, standing over their broken remains.

And then I got it....my very first Apple product. A brand new 4gb iPod Nano. I named her Vesper. That was when I knew....I'd found the object of my gadget-obsessed affection--Apple.

Since then, I've had many various and beautiful Apple gadgets, including the computer which so lovingly transmits this message to you all today.

And now....iPhone 4. Available for pre-order on June 15--available to me sometime next year. Could there be anything more fantastic? More beautiful?

Thank you Apple. I love you.

P.S. Let me know if you guys like the new comment system! I'm so excited to be able to reply to your comments!