I Didn't Even Know It Was Missing

In the past couple of months, I've digressed in my rate of progress on the violin, I've felt creatively stifled, almost, and I've seen my empty moments turn from my most flavorful to my dullest. I sat down tonight feeling especially uncreative, and yet determined to write a post. I browsed through my pictures, sat with my head up and my eyes closed, crossed my legs one way, then another, and tapped my fingers wildly on the keyboard. However, the screen remained blank. As a last resort, I opened my iTunes library to sink my tired mind into a nice album.

Twenty minutes of pure listening later, I realize.....I haven't listened to music in too long. I've looked up classical pieces I'm playing on my violin to observe, and looked up new ones for future reference. But I've not just listened to beautiful music in what feels like a long and sleepless night.

I feel alive and awake again. The music is pulsing through my veins again--like a sorely increasing deficiency was immediately satisfied. The texture of cellos is massaging my nerves, and the sweet sound of woodwinds is flying through my hair like a blustery wind.

I feel whimsical!

How does music make you feel?

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