Photography With Focus

So, I promised you all a little something interesting regarding my photos. Well, I'm all set to deliver! Introducing...

Remember in January when I froze myself for the sake of a picture? Well, as you might imagine just from browsing through my posts--I love photography! Furthermore, I will go through a lot to get a good shot! Photography With Focus is going to be a weekly post that features pictures that took special creativity or planning, or (if presented by coincidence) are rare occurrences.

For example...

How often do we have the opportunity to get within a few feet of a peacock with its feathers fanned out in all their glory?

Life is full of opportunities for magnificent photos! My goal for Photography With Focus is to seize those opportunities, and hopefully to inspire all of my fellow photographers-in-the-making to get out there and actively search for not just the ordinary, but the extraordinary!

Come back every Thursday for the latest Photography With Focus post!

Spread the photo love!