The Reality of Love

True, sacrificial LOVE—it’s almost a redundant phrase in my opinion. By nature, true love is sacrificial, and sacrificial love is inevitably true. This is the kind of love that hopes all things, endures all things…it’s patient, and kind. By default, these attributes create a new kind of love; selfless love—the reciprocal of which is compassion.

In all humility, I need to admit that I’m not half so loving as I should be. The Love that Christ gives us is unconditional…and while I strive to achieve that, my humanity constantly fights it. Inevitably, I love some more than others and even then I don’t love as wholly as I should. However, the event of revelation which shows me that my love is real is found in the moments when I find myself under the darkness of the night sky...pointing out the stars to those in need of the hope they offer. When I can feel the ache in my inner being—the ache to actually do something with that feeling—I know I must act upon that love. Compassion is selfless, selflessness is sacrificial, sacrifice is true love...true love is sacrifice.

Love is the feeling of wishing you could take someone’s pain for them…if it wasn’t so, why would the most poignant and only perfect example of love be found in Perfection taking the sins and shame of our wretchedness onto Himself? In Christ…we will ALWAYS have love! When everything else dies away…when people betray…when hearts are broken…Love is still infinite—in Spirit and in truth. God doesn’t mislead, and through His example, we have HOPE of something bigger and brighter than we could possibly imagine.

We have the most constant form of Love within our grasp at every turn. There are people in the world—forests of people—who are linked to one another in love. Jesus didn’t just come to earth to show us Love. He came to show us how to love. We can’t always love purely, or beautifully, but for us to know that we would die…or live…for the minutest of increases in another’s life; therein lies the divine gift we’ve so ungraciously and undeservingly received.

All I want from life is the opportunity to share that love with as many people as I can possibly touch. I want to reach through the thick brush of chaos, and touch the cold fingertips of those people longing to be cherished. I want to break down the barriers that stand staunch between myself, and those who are longing to be rescued —rescued by anyone who will take the time to search for them and show them the sky’s infinity. I want to soften the fists of the ones who have been in this cold resistance for too long, take their hands…and dance.

Love. Is. Joy.


Here Comes The Epic Cheese!

People have so much to offer the world. We're all unique, and practically brimming with originality. Have you ever wondered what would happen if people embraced their quirks, eccentricities, and interests? In a world where there were no preconceived notions of how people should go about living their lives, stereotypes wouldn't encase the power to be our own, perfectly original selves. Wouldn't that be completely blissful?

I believe we have the ability to create that world.

We may not be able to revolutionize the planet and send all ideals of cultural segregation running for the hills...but I'm charmed by the idea of creating a universe of our own, where these things are simply...observed. Heard of, speculated, and discussed, but with a new vision; one of liberation and beautification!

I don't know which island we'll be running off to, or which direction we'll find ourselves heading, but I know The Epic Cheese is going to take us there!

The beginning of OUR epic adventure is playing at the edges of the earth's horizon...a new dawn of delicious culture. It's brimming mysteriously from the depths beyond our line of sight...but (for dramatic effect), it precedes its unveiling with three solemn words...

"Trees" and "Epic Cheese"

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Keep your eyes on the horizon, my friends..The sun's never looked quite like this!


Destiny & Fate

What if we took theories and made them real?
What if reserve went away and we learned how to feel?
What if the future wasn’t supposed to depend
On what way or which our decisions bend?

What if we rode unabashed on the whim
Of each extravagant plan we began?
What if we tried to open our eyes
While Beauty was yearning to show us the skies?

The sky proves the ground…
The rain proves the sea…
The burn proves the flame…
The pain proves the plea…

I long to let go—I ache to ascend
Knowing my life was created to end
I will to surrender before it’s too late
Or forever be caged between destiny and fate

What if we tried once before… but failed?
What if our passion’s greatest enemy prevailed?
What if trust only led us before
To a broken heart… a bolted door?

What if our charge built foreboding tremor?
What if it’s divine, this unshakeable fervor?
What if our courage endured this disgrace?
What if, in the end, there was nothing to face?

Intention reveals fear…
Fear reveals weakness…
Weakness reveals humanity…
Humanity reveals calling...

I long to let go—I ache to ascend
Knowing my soul was made with no end
I will surrender, or fear will create
A reason to be caged between destiny and fate

What if all distractions were gone?
What if He and I simply walked on?
What if I buried my trust in His kingdom?
What if these fears pulled me further from Home?

What if what was once dim became bright?
What if all that was wrong was made right?
What if my visions of purpose became strong?
What if my instincts were right all along?

I long to let go—I ache to ascend
Assuring my soul a life with no end
Surrendering it all, my fears, relate
Freed of this cage between destiny and fate

Abigail Kraft 2010


What’s happening to the Church?

Am I the only one who asks this question on a daily basis? I’m sure not, because let’s face it…nothing’s changed. The same problems that exist now existed 300 years ago, and the same problems that were obvious 5 years ago will still be obvious in 50 years. So, what’s happening to the Church?

The “same as it ever was” mentality is extremely discouraging to me. If things haven’t changed for the better yet, what would make them change in my lifetime? Nothing. Because if you consider what, or rather who, makes up the church of Christ it makes perfect sense that it’s a blasted mess. The church is people. As is the case in most of life, the greatest asset to our translation is also the greatest victimizer to us—in this case, the previous description leads to the utter humanity of the situation. As long as imperfect humans sum up the church, it not only will not, but cannot be, perfect—or even acceptable, if you consider its root calling.

What does this tell us? Well, first and foremost it says how incredibly blessed we are to have the privilege of making up the body of Christ! He could have created a dictatorial state of living for us—after all, He has the right, since He created us. But instead, He let us be the earthly representation of His ears, arms, feet, fingers, and eyelashes. Under that humbling gift, what gives us the right to be self-righteous about our positions?

True, we are separately called to our own purposes—but those partial purposes can’t be fulfilled without the unity of the whole. When did we earn the right to start pointing fingers and pinning labels? What is the sight of the eye without the tear of compassion? What is the hearing of the ear without the heart of absorption? What are the arms without the conscious desire to reach out and touch?

We’re in a state. We always have been, and always will be. Under this fire-laden sun, there will never be a macroscopic unity. But this is no reason to lose hope.

If everyone could see the unity of our calling, there would be no need for faith. If all intentions could be grasped by any mind, there would be no need for sacrifice. If the world could see what we feel there would be no differentiation between love, and Perfect Love. The Body pulls together by nothing other than the moldable and magnetic substance that is the ever-driving, ever-inspiring Spirit of Jesus Christ. The day I implement that concept into my vision is the day that the church becomes real and living for me.

God knows exactly who I am in Him, and in my riddled mind I can’t even completely guess my insignificance without Him—but as often as I keep my heart open, and as often as I am being truly used, there could be no greater joy or honor.