Destiny & Fate

What if we took theories and made them real?
What if reserve went away and we learned how to feel?
What if the future wasn’t supposed to depend
On what way or which our decisions bend?

What if we rode unabashed on the whim
Of each extravagant plan we began?
What if we tried to open our eyes
While Beauty was yearning to show us the skies?

The sky proves the ground…
The rain proves the sea…
The burn proves the flame…
The pain proves the plea…

I long to let go—I ache to ascend
Knowing my life was created to end
I will to surrender before it’s too late
Or forever be caged between destiny and fate

What if we tried once before… but failed?
What if our passion’s greatest enemy prevailed?
What if trust only led us before
To a broken heart… a bolted door?

What if our charge built foreboding tremor?
What if it’s divine, this unshakeable fervor?
What if our courage endured this disgrace?
What if, in the end, there was nothing to face?

Intention reveals fear…
Fear reveals weakness…
Weakness reveals humanity…
Humanity reveals calling...

I long to let go—I ache to ascend
Knowing my soul was made with no end
I will surrender, or fear will create
A reason to be caged between destiny and fate

What if all distractions were gone?
What if He and I simply walked on?
What if I buried my trust in His kingdom?
What if these fears pulled me further from Home?

What if what was once dim became bright?
What if all that was wrong was made right?
What if my visions of purpose became strong?
What if my instincts were right all along?

I long to let go—I ache to ascend
Assuring my soul a life with no end
Surrendering it all, my fears, relate
Freed of this cage between destiny and fate

Abigail Kraft 2010