Here Comes The Epic Cheese!

People have so much to offer the world. We're all unique, and practically brimming with originality. Have you ever wondered what would happen if people embraced their quirks, eccentricities, and interests? In a world where there were no preconceived notions of how people should go about living their lives, stereotypes wouldn't encase the power to be our own, perfectly original selves. Wouldn't that be completely blissful?

I believe we have the ability to create that world.

We may not be able to revolutionize the planet and send all ideals of cultural segregation running for the hills...but I'm charmed by the idea of creating a universe of our own, where these things are simply...observed. Heard of, speculated, and discussed, but with a new vision; one of liberation and beautification!

I don't know which island we'll be running off to, or which direction we'll find ourselves heading, but I know The Epic Cheese is going to take us there!

The beginning of OUR epic adventure is playing at the edges of the earth's horizon...a new dawn of delicious culture. It's brimming mysteriously from the depths beyond our line of sight...but (for dramatic effect), it precedes its unveiling with three solemn words...

"Trees" and "Epic Cheese"

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The single, "Trees and Epic Cheese" is now available on iTunes! Go and get yours now, and the sound of its sweet tune seeping through your earbuds might just give you that "incessant flying sensation". Before long, you'll find yourself singing, thinking, and dreaming "Cheese, you were made for me!"

Keep your eyes on the horizon, my friends..The sun's never looked quite like this!