Simple. Special. Good.

I used to start every one of my journal entries with the simple words, "Today was a good day."

Today was a good day.

The wind is blowing with a vengeance, but despite its blustery protest, it continues to blow away the clouds, and sweep the spring into our midst!

Evening walks with my momma--racing around mailboxes, and running from a practically rabid dog (don't tell the neighbors I said that)--are pure fun.

A friend of my momma's--whom I like to call Auntie Em--gave birth to a sweet little girl today!! I think that deserves a YOWPAH!

Harrison is a BIG BABY when he skins his knee. But that's ok, because I love him anyway. :)

Writing up a to-do list makes for an extremely satisfying day!

Emotions are the gravity of the earth. Compassion makes the world go round. Love makes it flourish in bright hues of green and blue.

The smell of wet paint stimulates my creativity enormously.

A big ol' salad in the springtime is as appealing as a big mug of cocoa at Christmastime.

Laughing until it hurts at midnight with my broseph, Jared, is one of the highlights of my life.

Listening to Silas and Jonas being dramatic is wildly entertaining...and I think they know it.

So, yes...
Today was a good day!

How was your day?