If I Want Tea, I'll Have Tea!

These past few days have been perfect tea days.

I'm partial to coffee, but sometimes instinct asks for tea--and when I take a sip of its steeping goodness, I realize that I've entered a world with luxuries and beauties that are just as pleasant & comforting as any that coffee's universe can boast...even though it's different.

Sometimes we worry about defining ourselves. What if we change? What if I started to enjoy tea more than coffee? What if I suddenly stopped enjoying Sting's music, or finding bliss in mental images of classy (if not admittedly contrived) New York book shops? Where would that leave the people who feel like they really know me? Still, everyone inevitably changes...it's really a simple matter of embracing or denying.

Changing is a blessing. Changing is choosing to step out of my comfort zone every once in a while. Changing is deciding that what I like isn't who I am, but rather the tide of introspective culture within the borders of my mind. Culture is meant to age, mature, change...and it often reverts back to previous versions of itself. In ten years, I may closely resemble the seven-year-old me, but that's the tide; sometimes, it washes things onto the shore that have been buried deep in the ocean sand for years on end, but that doesn't change the fact that it came from the same beautiful, foaming waters.

Drink in the change. Each new tide brings new beauty, and a new dimension of an unchanging reality.