Today, I Wear Shoelaces in My Hair

My momma's told me,
"Your whole life, you've been interesting. When you were just a little girl, you insisted on dressing yourself in whatever you pleased, and so I let you; though, it often turned out to be mismatched."

No doubt, I've always been a bit eccentric when it comes to fashion. There have been times when I could tell people thought I looked ridiculous, and other times when I've been complimented on my almost bad, yet magically "okay", combinations. The other day, a Starbucks barista thought I was wearing a school uniform. To which I replied, "Nope. I just dress weird."

That's the simple truth. Beyond styles, color trends, or "in" patterns...I just dress weird.

When I choose my outfits, creativity prompts every decision. I've always felt that what I wear reflect who I am, in some way. Whether it be a general trait of mine, or something in my mood that day, my clothes always create some vision of what's inside of me.

yes. those are shoelaces in my hair.

I think everyone's like that in some way. I love seeing what my sister chooses to wear--she has a style all her own, and it brings me joy to see her being free to express herself in that way. She's a beautiful, joyful, sunshiny girl who likes a fun blend of rusty and shiny, with a fair share of color!

I think I got some of my stylistic flair from my momma--let me rephrase that last part--my dreadlock loving, turquoise adoring, nature basking, Wallabee (shoe) wearing Mum. :) See, we're both hippies at heart.

We're all the same, because we're all unique.

Do you like to express yourself through what you wear? Do you find your style changes based on your moods?