Collaborations #1 - Light {plus, some BIG news!!}

Big news first! (Sorry...I've never been good at containing myself)

Many of you probably already know this...but just in case you don't,

I am thrilled beyond words. To read more, check out my momma's post here.

Once upon a time (some weeks ago), in a land far far away (Minnesota), my beloved friend Hannah started a photo challenge with her momma, Rachel. "Collaborations" caught my attention immediately--what a cool idea to get the same photo concepts from two different sets of eyes, right? Well, Hannah and her momma had a conversation...and I have had the brilliant opportunity to take over Rachel's side of the challenge. Now, it's two perspectives from half way across the country. I'm so excited to be able to be a part of this! (A huge thank you to Hannah & Rachel for thinking of me. You guys are wonderful!)

This week's challenge?


top: Abigail Grace
bottom: Hannah Nicole

It thrills me to see the similarities and differences of two perspectives! Make sure to visit Hannah's blog, so you can tell her how much you adore her photo. :)