Collaborations #2 - Whimsy

Yesterday was Easter...Resurrection Day. Really, one of the best days of my life, all in all. There was such a feeling of change & renewal in the air. I felt Love swirling through the atmosphere on the breath of the wind. Jesus lives. Somehow, yesterday it all seemed to be now--a new sacrifice, redemption, and miracle. The truth is though...God knows no boundaries within time. He has lasted longer than time. Truly, lasting is an inappropriate word, because He doesn't last. He just is; and then, forever. Unfathomably brilliant is the light of His legacy and unending life. Yet, it is the only thing I can feel it in my heart to trust completely and wholly.

This story is true.

Today, the word for Collaborations is...


top: Abigail Grace
bottom: Hannah Nicole

At the end of the day yesterday, we did a Resurrection Egg Hunt with the kiddos, and as I saw the chickens squawking, and shuffling around the yard...well, you can see. Not normally what I might have chosen to represent whimsy, but it is rather humorous. And, I suppose, whimsy is defined by the unusual and frivolous humor of unexpected things, don't you agree? I love the free spirit of Hannah's. Such a beautiful reflection of the natural whimsy of a child. Some days, I feel like I could go back, and feel right at home in my childhood. Those days were magical. Fantastic. Yet, I don't believe I should like to revert back to my youth. If I had it within my grasp once again, perhaps I would cease to see the priceless nature of it.

Make sure to stop by Hannah's blog and sing a little song like, "Hello. I love your picture. Let's be friends." :)