These past weeks have been teasing, testing, and taunting…it’s warm, it’s cold. It’s calm, it’s windy. I get to the point sometimes where my mood depends highly on the weather; if it’s agitated with roaring gusts of wind & hot sunbeams, then I’m agitated. If it’s cold and dreary…well, I get cold and dreary.

This morning, I awoke to a grey sky…insulated by grey clouds, and accentuated by the barren trees in its shelter. It looked like winter.

How I wish I could escape this vapid joy in monotony, and ride the adventure, like a tide.

“Lord, empty me of myself, fill me up with You…and let’s walk through this day together.”

That’s what I prayed this morning.

Yesterday, my daddy shared an inspiring message at church…and those were the words he ended it with. What a challenge. Inlayed in these simple words is the secret to vigor.

As if on cue, the sky was no longer grey, but my favorite grey. The trees were no longer barren, but rather waiting to be clothed. Warmth…beauty…lies within our hearts.

Now, after a brisk walk in the biting north wind (enjoying every minute), I’m drinking in warmth—warmth that’s been there all along. Warmth in love, memories, new experiences, adventure…Life.

I’m heartwarmed.