Collaborations #5 - Life

Two people caught in the vividry of new love don’t need to be posed.

This is something I learned as my momma and I snapped away, capturing memories in photos for the freshly wedded lovebirds on Thursday. What could be greater than the glimmer of splendiferous affection & joy that beamed unabashed from their naturally coordinated glances & silent moments in each other's arms? In their sight, the world had disappeared...breaching the gap between them, and creating one heart--one soul, joined by this invisible chemistry, called Love.

Collaborations #5 "Life" - Abigail Grace

I like to say that dreams are God’s promptings to set us on the path of life that He has mapped out for us. Dreams take us down roads of success, and roads of trial; both of which mold us into the people that we are destined to become. They are the visions and aspirations that make love so irresistible. Dreams are the best attempts of the human mind to envision Hope.

A recipient of the oath that Jesus Christ made--an oath of resolute Hope--I know that the meaning of life lies within that promise. My heart is full of plans...visions of happiness, and even of trials. Though my earth-ridden eyes are constantly fogging up with the smog of humanity, I fully believe these visions that break through the fog are from my Divine Intervention. He has written my life’s story, and I think He enjoys surprising me. Still, what is a surprise without the anticipation of desiring what you hope to receive? God gives us desires, so that He may fulfill them; in this life, or the next, He promises to fulfill them.

A love...a heart to share...a soul that bonds effortlessly with my own...yes, I desire this. Possibly, more than anything in my life. However, I know that whether this, or any of my desires are fulfilled in the way I have them pictured, I will always have my Redeemer. He will fulfill all of my desires, in the perfect ways that He has planned. I trust Him with everything, and He has sworn an unbreakable vow never to let me down.

Looking into the pure streams of life that pour from the eyes of those in love, I realize that I am only able to recognize it because I’ve felt it before. I feel that same vibrant Life every time I look to Jesus, and realize that He’s looking right back at me, with the affection of a million lifetimes directed towards me.

That is Life!

Collaborations #5 "Life" - Hannah Nicole

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