Effort, Time, & Blessings

A lot of people know me.

But, only a few people know me.

Tonight, my awesome older brother, Jared surprised me with a gift that he coined as his "late graduation gift" to me. Ha! It consisted of a strange variety of items, including a bag of Lindt lindor truffles, a fun movie, some excellent music, a lit Chinese fountain (currently on my nightstand, perfectly placed to lull me to sleep with the sounds of falling water), and....hangers. Yes, you heard right...hangers.

Maybe this seems like a little thing. Still, I can't ignore that smile that plays at the edge of my lips, inevitably drawing my attention to the beauty that lies behind this familiarity. Jared knows me explicitly well. Isn't that amazing? He's taken the time and effort over the years to get to know me. Some people might believe that these things could be taken in naturally; seeing as we're siblings, and all. But, that's not true. So many siblings know absolutely nothing about each other--sure, they sleep in the same house...they might share a few meals together...but that's not taking time to know someone.

Jared is a fantastic person. Loyal to the end, and what's more, completely selfless. He knows these things about me, because he's taken the time to take that familial bond of love, and develop it into something special. I've seen him do this with each of us (his siblings and parents), and with friends as well. To say he blesses me continually would be an understatement. No, he's not perfect...but he's the type of person who you want to tell people about. In the end, don't we all want that?

Take the time to get to know people...they'll feel cherished, more than you might imagine.

{Love you, Bruh!}