Endless Potential... Just One Lifetime

There are times when true contentment is all we can strive for... but I really believe that there are times when "contentment" is simply a word we use to salvage ignobility--a word that translates to "waiting for something life changing to happen, in utter stasis."

Contentment of this nature is easy to summon. It lives in the slothful spaces which, I regret to say, are a standard feature of human minds. It wiles away the hours living vicariously through the successes of the world, beheld, and keeps our ambitions in careful check.

The potential of God's plan for me is quite literally too grand for my small fingers to grasp. I need to grow. I need to stretch, hurt, strive, survive, and thrive. A thousand times before, I've gotten on my knees before God, and pleaded with Him to reveal His path for me--make it clear. What would happen, should He grant me a map of life with a sure treasure at the end? I don't know the full answer to that question, but I do know one thing undoubtedly...

I would fail.

I have failed. I do fail. Infinite knowledge doesn't change the fact that humanity fails.

There is a thought that I wish to banish from my mind; it is as follows: God's will for my life is inevitable. It sounds correct enough, but it defies the very nature of its subject.

God LOVES me.

He desires synergy. He knows I'll fail daily, and He knows if I didn't have blind faith in His direction, I would quit striving. What is life without the fight? What is tomorrow if today's potential is never reached?

If I don't actively pursue God's guiding hand in every moment of every single day, contentment means nothing... because it's not accepting the whole picture; it's accepting the bench on the side of the long and incredible road Christ wants to lead me down.

True contentment means I need to keep moving forward... because I know that one day, this seemingly monotonous journey will be an adventure worth more than every moment of my life.


"Splendiferous"...That's the Word! {Photos Galore}

{As previously mentioned...}
For Jared and I, this weekend was spent in Kansas City...

spending time with a lifelong friend...

...and his beloved fiancée

drinking coffee

...ok, drinking a ton of coffee

enjoying the sights, sounds, and vibrance of the city

laughing :)

and of course...

...taking creative shots of one of the most amazing couples ever!

Needless to say, we had a splendid time...and just in case you hadn't figured it out by now, my incredible momma let me borrow her camera for the weekend! I'm so thankful for her act of sacrifice. I'm sure she was practically dying to grasp the familiar shape in her hands, and start snapping away; it was, doubtless, hard for her to go without it for a full weekend, which just makes it all the more special that she allowed me to take it. Isn't she amazing?
Yes, she is. :)

Thank you all so much for your sweet & encouraging comments regarding my broken camera. You people are too wonderful for words. Love you all!


Choosing Not to be Devastated

Ladies & Gentlemen...this week, my camera quit working. I turned it on, snapped a few photos...and it just stopped; I think my heart stopped for a moment, along with it. I frantically switched it off and back on, checked that the battery was inserted correctly, put a fresh battery in, but no luck.

My camera is broken.

Truthfully, I have no way of replacing it or fixing it right now. Thusly, I am forced to rely on God--something I can't really, in good conscience, refer to as "force". No, I'm once again being called to gain perspective.

See, the photos I take are more than data transferred through an electronic device, and recorded at a quality as close to the original scene as possible. That's not why I love to take photos. I love to take photos because it lets my eyes see through a new lens; one where I can present all of the natural elements of a scene that I find the most beautiful--from each of these God-inspired scenes that make up life.

I'm choosing not to see this event as a tragedy, but rather as a time to renew my perspective on photography. Jared and I are going to Kansas City tomorrow, to spend the weekend with some friends, and I'm taking my dad's point and shoot. Regardless of everything...I'm going to be truly creative, and capture this trip in photos in the best way I'm currently able.

This heart won't be content with anything less than inspired creation.

{taken with my iPhone.}


My First Vlog. Well, Kinda.

You probably know that I've done vlogs before with my brother, for The Epic Cheese. However, this is the absolute first vlog I've ever done by myself--and when I say first, I mean the "only one take" kind of first.

Sorry for the temporary technical difficulties--the vlog is working now. Thanks for letting me know! :)

As for the random subject matter...well, it was 9:30pm, and this was an extremely spur of the moment decision, so I kind of just said the first things that came into my brain. So, that's my excuse (also, my excuse for talking so quietly). If I do another one (should I?) it'll be about some more relevant things. Promise.

So, now...please take a look at The Epic Cheese's new music video!

(There Are No) Just Desserts

What'd you think? Did it make you laugh? Cry? Scream? Die? If it did any of the aforementioned, please share it with someone. It'd make us happy. :)


To Be Unafraid...

So often, people...I...refer to children as "carefree". Yes, in a sense they are carefree. However, the more I take the time to examine the children in my life, and share experiences with them on an intimate level, I realize that they are far from a shallow definition of carefree. Rather, they are unafraid.

Unafraid to seize the moment.
Unafraid to laugh heartily.
Unafraid to play until they scrape a knee.

A couple of days ago, I was playing a game of hide 'n' seek with Jonas and Harrison, when we were interrupted by a stirring in the grass. There, next to the dog's greedy mouth, lay a baby rabbit. It wasn't moving; Truman (our Golden Retriever) had apparently thought it was a toy. A few feet away, we spotted another, still wiggling around in the grass, untouched.

After reprimanding Truman, our dog, for his brutality (though, how much can you scold nature?), we pulled the living rabbit off of the ground, and into our hands.

It was perfectly well...but I knew, unless it was rescued by its momma, it couldn't survive very long.

Still, Jonas was eager to hold it and stroke its fresh fur. I think he must have known the inevitable end of this creature's story, but if he did, he didn't let it spoil these rare moments with God's creation.

The kit's mother never came.

The moral of the story? As past children, we all know what it feels like to experience the reality of death and pain--even through small experiences like this. But, as past children, our job is not to shield the young from the natural desire to love and experience things.

A child knows of reality, but does not fear it.

That's courage that life experiences dilapidate.

Let them experience. Someday, they'll have fear, and it will hold them back. Let them remain carefree--if that's what it is--for as long as life will allow.


Live a Little...No, Really...Live a LOT

Every day brings new stresses and hardships. Every moment is rife with the realization that we live in an imperfect world. Every thought is accompanied by a twinge of monotony or melancholy.

Every day can be lived with the fullness of Life, regardless of the weights of this world.

(the redneck way to keep roman candles standing)

(lighting sparklers at dusk)

(Enjoying the view, ready to snap photos of magic moments)

(Looking fun and funky; watching the boys unleash their inner pyro)

(Ending the day with s'mores, around a campfire)

All of these photos are from last night, July 3rd--tonight, we've got some grilling and fun times with extended family planned. Might be back to share photos from that, later on.

Today, let's celebrate with the liberality that Christ has granted us, and the joy we've gained from blessings reaped as a result of our freedom.

How are you celebrating this Fourth of July?