Choosing Not to be Devastated

Ladies & Gentlemen...this week, my camera quit working. I turned it on, snapped a few photos...and it just stopped; I think my heart stopped for a moment, along with it. I frantically switched it off and back on, checked that the battery was inserted correctly, put a fresh battery in, but no luck.

My camera is broken.

Truthfully, I have no way of replacing it or fixing it right now. Thusly, I am forced to rely on God--something I can't really, in good conscience, refer to as "force". No, I'm once again being called to gain perspective.

See, the photos I take are more than data transferred through an electronic device, and recorded at a quality as close to the original scene as possible. That's not why I love to take photos. I love to take photos because it lets my eyes see through a new lens; one where I can present all of the natural elements of a scene that I find the most beautiful--from each of these God-inspired scenes that make up life.

I'm choosing not to see this event as a tragedy, but rather as a time to renew my perspective on photography. Jared and I are going to Kansas City tomorrow, to spend the weekend with some friends, and I'm taking my dad's point and shoot. Regardless of everything...I'm going to be truly creative, and capture this trip in photos in the best way I'm currently able.

This heart won't be content with anything less than inspired creation.

{taken with my iPhone.}