Endless Potential... Just One Lifetime

There are times when true contentment is all we can strive for... but I really believe that there are times when "contentment" is simply a word we use to salvage ignobility--a word that translates to "waiting for something life changing to happen, in utter stasis."

Contentment of this nature is easy to summon. It lives in the slothful spaces which, I regret to say, are a standard feature of human minds. It wiles away the hours living vicariously through the successes of the world, beheld, and keeps our ambitions in careful check.

The potential of God's plan for me is quite literally too grand for my small fingers to grasp. I need to grow. I need to stretch, hurt, strive, survive, and thrive. A thousand times before, I've gotten on my knees before God, and pleaded with Him to reveal His path for me--make it clear. What would happen, should He grant me a map of life with a sure treasure at the end? I don't know the full answer to that question, but I do know one thing undoubtedly...

I would fail.

I have failed. I do fail. Infinite knowledge doesn't change the fact that humanity fails.

There is a thought that I wish to banish from my mind; it is as follows: God's will for my life is inevitable. It sounds correct enough, but it defies the very nature of its subject.

God LOVES me.

He desires synergy. He knows I'll fail daily, and He knows if I didn't have blind faith in His direction, I would quit striving. What is life without the fight? What is tomorrow if today's potential is never reached?

If I don't actively pursue God's guiding hand in every moment of every single day, contentment means nothing... because it's not accepting the whole picture; it's accepting the bench on the side of the long and incredible road Christ wants to lead me down.

True contentment means I need to keep moving forward... because I know that one day, this seemingly monotonous journey will be an adventure worth more than every moment of my life.