My First Vlog. Well, Kinda.

You probably know that I've done vlogs before with my brother, for The Epic Cheese. However, this is the absolute first vlog I've ever done by myself--and when I say first, I mean the "only one take" kind of first.

Sorry for the temporary technical difficulties--the vlog is working now. Thanks for letting me know! :)

As for the random subject matter...well, it was 9:30pm, and this was an extremely spur of the moment decision, so I kind of just said the first things that came into my brain. So, that's my excuse (also, my excuse for talking so quietly). If I do another one (should I?) it'll be about some more relevant things. Promise.

So, now...please take a look at The Epic Cheese's new music video!

(There Are No) Just Desserts

What'd you think? Did it make you laugh? Cry? Scream? Die? If it did any of the aforementioned, please share it with someone. It'd make us happy. :)