Hello...Nerrrrds. *raises one eyebrow*

I was feeling particularly random, so I decided I would write you all a note.
(let us, for a moment, pretend that we are pen pals.)

The weather lately has been unrelentingly scorching, rendering me completely useless in any activity, save sitting, sleeping, eating, reading, and spending far too long engaged in inactive (online) social observation. It makes one wonder how the women of Victorian England managed to stay petite, even though it was considered unladylike to do practically anything that required movement.

Oh, that's right. They danced.
(yes. I just turned ABBA on.)

Alrighty, now that I've got a nice shoulder-pump going on, I'll continue.

Speaking of food...I'm learning I could probably eat breakfast food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Give me nuts, oats, fruit, and the occasional addition of chocolate (paired with a cup of hot tea or coffee), and I could be mentally content for life. I say mentally, because undoubtedly I would become quite discontent with my inexorable health degradation after some short time.

You should know, I had carrot juice and mac 'n' cheese for lunch. healthy.
(ok. not exactly.)

I sometimes often wish that we all could spend a long weekend together, enjoying the supreme pleasure of one another's company. Wouldn't it be enlivening to be able to hear each other laugh (all the better if you laugh like a complete dork), share stories (hopefully ones that evoke laughter at the storyteller's expense), tease one another about our varying accents (I don't have one of those...what?), and excuse one another for periodic bathroom breaks?

Oh, that last part was just to see if you were paying attention.
(However, that would happen, you know.)

Alright...I shall leave you now. I anxiously await your reply, anticipating news of your well-being and recent amusements. Don't forget to play one of your favorite albums to dance to while you write (er...comment), and tell me what it is.

P.S. A candle, sitting on the desk next to me, boasts the scent "Elf Cookies"... Somehow, that sounds wrong.

"Stay away from them elves! Ya never know when one of 'em's gonna drop a cookie!"

Am I right?!