Serious Vlogging. (Well, Sorta.)

I'm not sure if we got a hold of some electric juice, or what... but tonight, my momma and I were both taken over by practically inexhaustible spasticity! So, what did we do about it? Well, we did the logical thing, and sat down in front of the webcam.

"We're gonna do a vlog!" Mother exclaimed.

...and so we did. What's more, we couldn't resist posting the very first take we did, because... well, it's completely ridiculous! It's hard to stay on topic when your brain is going a million miles an hour, spewing randomness all along the way.

We plan on doing more soon. Hopefully (yes, hopefully), we'll be able to do some that aren't so sporadic and utterly pointless.

That being said, here's our completely ridiculous vlog, for your viewing enjoyment befuddlement.

To the subject we were attempting to discuss...

What do you think makes a blog worth reading?

P.S. Carla, whom we mentioned in the vlog can be found here. Yes, she's blonde, and fantastic. :) Ha!