"5...4...3-2-1! We're Back!"

As the title very vaguely suggests, Momma and I have returned with another vlog. Equally as random as the last, and perhaps even a little more directionless. What can I say? We get in these moods, and one thing leads to the next!

Make sure to watch all the way to the end...
even if you're bored by the beginning...
because the end is the best part, people!

So, let's review.

Things we discussed:
  • Waffles for din-din
    (I told you I love breakfast!)

  • The word "decadent"
    (which means "self-indulgent")

  • What you eat when different people are out of town
    (or pets)

  • My mother's stomach
    (which we refer to as a "belly", thanks to constant communication with children)

  • Our celebrity status
    (and how we can make a BIG difference in your life)

So, my questions for you are...

Do you like these vlogs, or are you insignificant and stupid?
What do you eat when your dog is out of town?