An Evening I Might Have Missed

Yesterday evening, Harrison asked me (as he often does)...

"Abigail, will you swing me?"

I used to swing him almost every day.

I've gotten in the habit of saying no to him.
"I need to make dinner, Harry."
"Not right now, Harry."
"Have someone else swing you, Harry."

But, last night I said yes.

We went outside, and he talked, and swung, and laughed. It was precious.

Afterwards, Harrison and I went for a walk.

"Harrison, can we hold hands?"

Just the two of us. Just for about half a mile, hand in hand.

He kept on telling me stories that started with, "When I was little..." I didn't dare tell him that he was still little. So, I just smiled.

"Can you give me a piggy-back ride, Abigail?"

I swung him onto my back, and took off my shoes. I walked barefoot in the gravel and the autumn air, praising God for the purity of the moment.

As we got closer to our driveway...

"Ab, can you let me down, so I can race?"

So, I let him down, and he raced himself home, looking back behind him occasionally to make sure I was watching.

Going through our front door...

"Thanks, Ab."
"I love you, Harry."
"I love you, too."