"Twoooo can be as bad as one!"

...Well, in this case, "Threee can be as bad as two!"

Either way, the reason it came to mind is because in our newest vlog, we've got a special guest - well, he's not THAT special, but don't tell him I said that...I'll tell him myself.

On that note, sensing the sibling rivalry, you might've guessed that our guest is none other than my brother, Jared.


Makes a mean cappuccino.
Makes a mean cup of french pressed coffee.
Understands that true coffee drinkers like some of the fru-fru stuff too.
Has outrageously talented eyebrows.
Reminds my family of Thor (from the movie...because he's so cheeky and manly).
Writes music, plays music, sings music...
eats music, breathes music...

...you get the picture.

That being said, enjoy!

Ok, so there were two guests... technically. But then again, Harry can't really be considered a guest, because he seems to always wiggle his head into the limelight. Ha!

As for the song (rap) towards the end of the video... if you know what it is, then you're awesome. If not, well you can just go find out what it is, and you'll be equally as awesome!