Bedhead...That's About It!

Before I start, I'd like to say...I WILL return as soon as possible to give you the two posts that I promised you!

But, for now...

Random things keep Momma and I inspired to do more vlogs. For instance...this morning went something like this:

"Mom, look at my bedhead... Hey! We should do a vlog in our pajamas!"

(I just checked, and yes, there IS a link to my artwork in my sidebar... but, you could just click here.)

Oddly enough, we forgot to say anything about our appearance in the video itself. Ha! I guess we were too interested in talking about randomocity. Either way, a very good (belated) morning to you! Watch it again tomorrow morning, that way it's at least somewhat applicable to your day. Ha. :)

See you soon, Loves!