about me.

'Ello! I'm Abigail Kraft, and thrilled that you've come to visit me. Some words you'll come to love {or hate} after spending an afternoon pawing through my blog posts are...


Feeding the spiraling roots of this, my blog, is my Creator, and the inspiration that He provides me with on a daily basis. He's the quenching of all thirsts, and the satisfaction of every desire. My hope, as you read through this diary of my mind, is that you'll see Christ as evidently as I feel Him.

I am the third oldest in my family--I have eight precious siblings; three of which have ascended into the arms of Jesus. I have the most amazing parents in the universe, and love them with the whole of my heart. I've seen death and tragedy, but have also seen true life and unconditional love. I see my life on earth as one chapter in an unending book, and I strive to live fearless, in this knowledge: My ending has already been written, and it's a happily ever after with my Father in Heaven.